Download D3SK

Release date: Saturday the 24th of January 2015

Place of release: Anual MSX Fair Nijmegen, The Netherlands


System requirements:

- MSX2 or higher

- 64kB main RAM

- 128kB VRAM

- Single sided floppy disk drive

- MSX-Music and/or MSX Audio


Recommended system:

- MSX turbo R (yep, it's basic, so some parts go a little more fluently on a turbo R than on an MSX2)

- Mass storage device (such as a CF interface, a MegaflashromSCC+ SD, hard disk, etc.)

- MSX-Music and MSX-Audio each connected to their own speaker (Moonblaster stereo)



- Code: Meits

- Sub-code: Bifi

- Graphics: Opa

- Music: Meits


How to download:

Click the picture above ;)


Note 1: You may run this music disk on an MSX emulator by choice. Just remember that the emulation of sound is not perfected. The music on this disk was made on a real MSX so that's the bench mark in this case.

Note 2: The music was made using MSX-Music and MSX-Audio each on their own speaker. Playing the music on any other way will result in a music experience which was not intended.